Caduceus Software Systems:

Hi there! I’m Richard Tang. I am the President and CEO of the company. I have been with the company since 2008, which is since inception. We used to have the name Bosco Holdings (BCHO) which was an fishing and innovation company. It used to design special netting and hooks for that industry. That was led by another CEO.

Then in 2010 things started to take shape

Derrick Gidden led the company for a few years, and had adopted and licensed my software, Caduceus Software, which was a working software. It was a EMR and EHR (medical records) storage system. It was tested and piloted in the province of British Columbia Canada, and was in a couple of clinics in the state of Indiana. It was licensed up until 2015 where we official released its licensing obligations.

Since 2015, I was given the Presidency (passing of the baton so to speak) where Derrick Gidden and Oswald Huggins had let me operate it. They are no longer with the company.

I have been trying to find some viable deals and have an ongoing concern for the company. We sell thermocouplers and specialty products relating to electronic components for HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning).

The industry is rather benign, but it has led me to a lot of interesting ideas and deals where I tried to make it a go of…

Being in HVAC, I consulted for the following sectors that require HVAC:

  • bitcoin servers require cooling
  • selling of metals
  • consulting for air cleaning of Hemp and greenhousing
  • any computer server rooms that require enterprise scale cooling
  • evacuating water from arenas and storm drainage
  • electrical rooms that need dehumidification and non-static electricity environments