Welcome to Caduceus Software.

Caduceus Software is focussed on providing 24 x 7 systems for its clients. We are a consulting company as well as a products company.

We are a cloud services consultant and provider. Richard Tang, President of Caduceus Software Corp., heads the implementation and execution of the daily operations of the Company. The daily operations of the Company are primarily cloud based, and we consult and provide expert install and maintenance on Amazon AWS services (EC2, S3, Route 53 and cloud front), as well as VMware ESXI.

We provide advanced services such as lecturing/education to technician professionals who seek deeper knowledge in AWS and VMWare ESXI, and consult to make technical architecture designs for best practices in real-life production systems.

We are experts in Linux tuning (security, patch, rollout, and performance), and networking ( replication, failover, redundancy ).


Caduceus Software owns the product, Caduceus MMS — a EHR EMR health records management system for small clinics. It was beta-mode tested and has been trialed in the state of Indiana and in some small medical facilities in Canada. The product was marketed and sold between 2008 to 2014.