CSOC Caduceus Software Systems Files With OTCMarkets for Yield and Current Status

JOHNSON, RI / ACCESSWIRE / October 11, 2016 / To our investors and general audience, Caduceus Software Systems (OTC: CSOC) (“The Company”) is pleased to announce that it has engaged with the OTCMarkets.com / OTCIQ.com by filing the necessary 2-year minimum financial and corporate annual resolutions and corporate annual objectives (aka, the Filing) to them. The filings were done on October 2, 2016 and the Board has reviewed and approved the filing. The filing is an OTCMarkets regulation which allows companies to trade shares in an Open Transparent and Connected way. It was filed on October 3rd at 15:33PM.

CSOC is already traded and was once an SEC reporting company. It has been a few years for CSOC to report with the SEC and so it has filed the necessary forms to transition to OTCMarkets.com Filings regulations. “We feel that the OTCMarkets news and Disclosure and filing process to be transparent and open while letting our audience be aware of our activity. And we like our interaction with the OTCMarkets.com,” says Richard Tang, President and CEO of CSOC.

As an update of what has been done to become an OTCMarkets.com Issuer member, we have filed the paperwork, paid the fees, and are awaiting the final processing of our 2 year statements. The 2 year statements are very comprehensive. This was confirmed via phone and email since October 7th 2016.

In addition to these actions The Company has enlisted the services of and have the pleasure to announce our new legal counsel, Don Paradiso, to act on our behalf. “We are very happy to have our team grow out on all fronts, from technology gurus, legal gurus, and accounting gurus. — all are essential to foster a properly dynamic team.” Don has submitted his disclosure and letter that acts as our representative on October 8th 2016.

The company was founded on the principles of “making something” useful, “practical”, and “touch lives” in some ways. The company has been focusing on these aspects through its years. It is now time for the Company to be up to date, regulatory-wise and want to appease our investors with the confidence that we have plans for the “STOP” sign to be “Yield” and the “Yield to then evolve to a better caliber of stature.

“The once “sundry” items and chores of the company are spotlighted as necessary. The company has evolved and we hope that you have seen us truly evolve. Our product line has evolved and we have pivoted as seen on www.caduceussoftware.net,” says Richard Tang, CEO and President of the Company

“We are devoted to our investors proportionally and linearly to the work produced by our Company. We thank you for your patience and our team for being steadfast in continuing the pursuit of innovation and ingenuity,” says the President. In this press release, we have attached a few pictures of the type of work that our crew does, which is critical software and hardware diagnoses. This will help answer some of our audience members regarding what exactly we do and how to visualize the gravity or depth of our software/hardware capabilities. Please enjoy the sharing of some of our non-sensitive work photos.

Twitter: @CSOCusa or www.twitter.com/CSOCusa <— case sensitive!!!

Email: info@caduceussoftware.net

Website www.Caduceussoftware.net

About The Company

Caduceus Software Systems Corp is an innovation company. It develops software, software design assets and technical expertise to its clients. The term, Caduceus, is an ancient symbol of good business/commerce.

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