Caduceus Software Systems becomes reseller of Veeam Software’s ProPartner Program

CSOC Enters $5.6 Billion IT Virtualization market and focuses on VM maintenance sector.

November 8th 2016.

Caduceus Software Systems Corp (The Company), trading on the OTCMarkets with ticker symbol CSOC ($CSOC) has a news announcement. Please see the link below for the PDF version of this release as it has images and charts and logos which this release on OTCMarkets.com does not display.

The Company is pleased to announce that it has been approved to resell Veeam Software (see www.veeam.com) via its ProPartner program.

The Company is led by President and CEO, Richard Tang. The Company likes using Veeam Software for critical operations relating to virtual machines. The Company has been using Veeam on and off for a few years and is familiar with the software and is pleased with their fault-tolerant and redundant capabilities. As of late, the Company has decided to focus on redundant and fault-tolerant IT services, so we have decided to apply for partnership with Veeam. It was approved by Veeam.com on October 24th 2016.

“We are very excited that we are able to be to receive financial rewards through Veeam’s ProPartner program. We have tried out many VM backup and migration software in the past, and have done manual backups with VMware ViX commands, however we have found it too complex for our clients. Veeam now has cloud backup, and we have discussed the safety and data integrity of their data storage, and we are pleased with it,” says Richard Tang, CEO and President of the Company.

Veeam has earned 43 of the biggest awards in the virtualization industry, and adds 2000 clients per month through its ProPartner Program. The Company is working together with Veeam’s inside sales team on how to market it along with our own products and IT services.

Veeam has Global Alliance Partnerships with Cisco, HP, Microsoft, VMware, EMC, and Netapp. This is very positive since it provides greater cross compatibility. They have many products that the Company can sell, ranging from $46 up to $2700. It is affordable for small businesses. They also have products which are very comprehensive for Enterprise clients.

“The Veeam software simply works. Period. The ProPartner team is very supportive and can help us generate revenue. They have Veeam University which offers IT professionals certifications for their software usage as well. We will be advertising Veeam on our website soon, and will be talking about Virtualization redundancy more often on our Twitter feed. It is very important that we, as a Company, keep sending a gentle reminder to our audience that having data redundancy software is compulsory in this day and age. Veeam has solutions for VMware ESXI and also Hyper-V, and cloud backup hosting packages too. We will be able to sell all of these products to our clients and affiliates. We are proud to promote Veeam products.” says Richard Tang.


According to Gartner (http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3315817), the virtualization industry is $5.6 billion in 2016 and growing. Much focus is spent on maintenance. This report was a factor in The Company’s decision to look at reselling Veeam Software.

The Company wishes to express its thanks to Will, Erick, and Askia (at Veeam) for helping us get set up with the ProPartner program. We will express our thanks on Twitter.com.


The Company logo is purposefully shaped to look like a big friendly safety patch with radio waves emanating from it, to emote that we care about your data and your systems.

Please see the links below to read this news release in PDF format. It has many images and charts not shown in this news wire. Thank you.


About The Company

Caduceus Software Systems Corp is an innovation company. It develops software, software design assets and technical expertise to its clients. The term, Caduceus, is an ancient symbol of good business/commerce.

The company is focused on innovation with search as a primary project. It also has lots of experience in IT in harsh environments. It has assets and intellectual property that has accumulated for the past 5 years and will be applied to its projects.

It has projects in technology currently, and has strategic alliances with the open source community.

The Company has expertise in IT high-redundant critical systems including data backup and data recovery and real-time multi-master resiliency. The Company is experienced in Virtualization environments such as VMWare, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Hyper-V.


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