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5in1 Cable Tester Network Lan Phone RJ-45 RJ-11 BNC USB & 1394 Cables – Cable Circuit Testers

Price: $50 USD

This tool tests 5 common LAN and computer cables up to 600ft long: RJ-45, RJ-11, 1394 (Firewire), USB, and BNC. It checks for: Continuity, Miss wiring, Open lines, Shorts, Crossover, and Grounding.



  • Tests 5 types of cables: RJ-45, RJ-11, BNC, 1394, USB
  • Simple one button test
  • Tests installed wiring or patch cables
  • LEDs indicate connections and faults
  • One year limited warranty
  • Beeper provides audible annunciation of test results
  • Tests shielded (STP) or unshielded (UTP) LAN cables
  • Able to test cable lines up to 600ft long

LED indicators:

  • Battery condition LED(green/yellow)
  • No connection/No termination LED(yellow)
  • Connected/25 Ohm LED(green)
  • Short LED(red)
  • S, C/1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8LEDs(yellow)


  • Tester and remote with RJ-45, RJ-11, 1394 (Fire wire), USB-B and BNC
  • Detachable remote with RJ-45, RJ-11, 1394 (Fire wire), and USB-A connectors.
  • Tests up to 600ft long lines
  • Powered by 9V Battery (not included)
  • Red plastic external case with test push button.
  • Dimensions: 200 x 98 x 26mm
  • Weight: 194 g

Package Included:

  • 5-In-1 Cable Tester with remote
  • Soft Case
  • User Guide
  • BNC Connector