Caduceus Software Systems is an innovation company. It provides technology consultancy and is also developing cloud based products.


Today we are focussing on cloud innovation and collaboration networking systems. We have advanced experience in Amazon AWS products to scale our client projects to an enterprise level. Additionally we support more traditional scaling such as in-house or self-hosted VMWare ESXi platforms.


Our team consists of the President,Richard Tang who is also the Chief Technical Officer. Erwin Valhsing is our Filing agent and our finance consultant and estimator. We have consultants from Washington, Rhode Island,  Canada and India to help on larger projects.

Our humble beginnings

The Company started out making a medical software shelf product called Caduceus MMS. It was an electroni  health records (EHR) system heared towards small medical clinics. It also had advanced capabilities such as pulling data from the state and provincial medical services database conforming to the ICD 9 protocol. The software is capable of storing medical imagery in raw format in encrypted datastores that conform to the patient data protection law requirements. The software was trialed and sold to some clinics up until 2014. We have discontinued the software because the medical EHR regulations and the software product was traditional and we felt it would eventually be allowed to “Cloudify” the product. Depending on client demands and potential intereat , we will revisit the idea and possibly refactor the software from being a shelf product to a cloud product.