Amazon AWS services

Amazon AWS is a cloud infrastructure that small and enterprise companies use for web hosting and advanced networking services.

Amazon AWS has products:

AWS services

Our Company primarily focuses on the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3). and the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) products for our clients. We have expertise in provisioning and converting your conventional servers to be “cloud ready” and port them to EC2 instances.

Today there is heightened security over public networks. Private LAN networks that have some Internet access via a tunnel to/from the outside world already have exposure to the public Internet. AWS services allows you to create LANs and VPC with the same rigid rules that you need to keep your network safe, even though it is not physically in your server room.   The extra added benefit to using AWS over conventional means is that your compute power can be regulated (lowered or increased infinitesimally) using AWS, whereas if you attempted this on hardware baremetal you would need to spend money and expertise on scaling your physical network (physical space, power, cooling, CPU, IOPS, RAM, and redundancy).

We think that this age of compute is truly dedicated towards CPU and IOPS with less emphasis on the hardware. Network engineering is now performed on a higher OSI layer which is friendlier and more efficient for the team as a whole because provisioning is quicker via not needing to deal with physical hardware constraints.

We, at Caduceus Software Corp. are very interested in cloud computing and will offer our services to provision through Amazon AWS.

We will also offer newsletters and blog entries on AWS products as we explore and learn as we go. Please evolve with us and collaborate.

Growth is expanding on what we know now, and wealth is built on expanding into the unknown. Hop on board. 🙂