CryptoCurrency (Blockchain)

As of June 2018, Caduceus Software Systems is devoting attention towards cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The Company has engaged with startup cryptocurrency exchanges in June 2018.

Richard Tang has extensive knowledge in linux security (hardening) and best practices. Served as an XBRL analyst (Xtensive business reporting language), he has well-versed in understanding exact standards to ensure that server to server communication is exact and secure.

We announce that we will be the pioneers in the field of certifying CryptoCurrency Exchanges with a certain security approval ratings.

As with any emerging technology, there requires a systematic approach to architecting the software so that it prevents or captures intrusions, malware, virus, hacks, and overall company policy and best practices when handling data and money. CryptoCurrency is a non-fiat currency but nonetheless should be treated as important as money, and should demand the same scrutiny and online security as you would expect of a bank that holds your fiat currency.

Caduceus Software Systems will advertise its intent to become a pioneer, and leader of CryptoCurrency security within exchanges and provide compliance approvals.