CryptoCurrency Certification by Caduceus Software

Caduceus Software offers certification for CryptoCurrency Providers

There are 2 Types of Certifications:

Hardware Certification:
Hardware Security Level 1 – $5000.00 / $10,000 for on-premise consultation of 1 day.

Hardware security and network topology is the fundamental OSI Level 2/3 and needs verification and validation that the hardware is connected correctly.

In this certification, we will validate:
1)Switch VLAN segregation
2)SAN or NAS storage segregation
2.1)Disk Volume encryption
3)eliminating unnecessary NIC physical patches

A network topology will need to be given for the evaluation.

Software Certification:

Software Security Certification Level 1 – $5000.00 / $10,000 for on-premise consultation of 1 day.

Software Security is important and vital to end-consumers because they trust your system to be 100% bullet proof in terms of hacking. CryptoCurrency businesses that have a disclaimer saying “use at your own risk” is set up for disaster, because the onus is on the provider.

In this certification, we will validate:
1)VLAN segregation among different accesses
2)SSH-key and Sha256/AES authentication between and among servers
3)Database schema data segregation – multi tenant versus single-tenant structures are acceptable
4)The storage and offline storage of private keys
5)reducing and eliminating the unnecessary servers accessing the Internet
6)firewall policies
7)the in memory storage of data
8)the persistent storage of consumer data.

Firewall policies and the VLAN and DB schema(s) need to be shared in order for us to validate the security risks. Private keys are NOT needed nor wanted.

The certification will be a Checklist of items and a grade between 1 to 10 will be given for each item. Any items that are not applicable will be given a grade of 10 so that they are not applicable and do not negatively affect the score of your assessment. A certification letter will be given from the letter head of “Caduceus Software Systems CryptoCurrency Security” and given a year that it was conducted and the grade.


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