This is the official current projects that Caduceus Software Systems corp is working on.

Updated January 4th 2017.

Effective Proxy – a web proxy for safe surfing


In light of various attacks and man-in-the-middle interceptions by “hackers”, it is important to keep net neutrality and have the security of being able to surf without your previous HTTP headers revealed so you are not traced. I think it is a right to surf to a site and not need to divulge your last URL you were on.

We want to make an effective guardian that will act as your front-door, so to speak. The proxy will filter what comes in an out of your computer.


Solution: a proxy for surfing even the most innocent websites. In response to the threat, the Company has made a simple proxy where customers can use to surf some sites. Most sophisticated sites detect proxies and treat them as threats or attack because they wish to have cookies persisted on the client computer. This project of creating a useful proxy needs to address the saving and manipulating of cookies on demand and allow POST redirects and cross-site HEAD/POST redirects.

Barriers to market: none.

Advertising: Yes, necessary, via twitter and google ad words and Press Release.

Competitors: VPNs,,

Price point: competitors charge $8 to $15 for this anonymous surfing capability. Per user.

Other ways of dealing with proxy: A bastion server with full OS so you can use TeamViewer, VNC, or RDP into a virtual machine. That however is very overkill but effective.


Screenshot: This is the proxy. It is simple but effective. You can choose your server *(in this example, Tokyo or London#2 server). And choose either or Paid version of this proxy access will allow you to surf on more sites.

Upside of project: People travel for work but need to access their company network but from a trusted country. You can use one of our servers.

Exciting? It is a subdued excitement. It’s not flashy but it is easier to scale than other projects and probably easier to make headway in the market. The competitors listed above are doing very well so we know there is a good market.



Projects in waiting and old projects

In late 2016, was initiated in response to a Request for Proposal. A platform to track inventory (in general) was made and was presented to the client. As of January 4th 2016, The Client is still formulating its system requirements and its infrastructure costs. The client does not have the compliance with state regulatory bodies to proceed. Thus our project is deprecated and no longer offered as a service.