The 142,100,000 float has not changed in many years. It is therefore considered by the entire stock community as the most reliable float in the OTCMarkets.
We have a very positive following on the internet and including Twitter.

Corporation state: Wyoming.
CEO: Richard Tang
Administration Director: Anna Tang
CFO (interim): Erwin Vahlsing
Total shares issued and out: 839,600,000 total issued and outstanding
Total float: 142.1MM
Non float – restricted or control or registered shareholders: 686,200,000 It is disclosed so there is no ghost or skeletons.
TA: Island stock Transfer
Taxes: Non owed.
Standing: Good with Wyoming
State: Good Standing
Registered Agent: Good Standing

It has been current in the past with no issues. No bad actors. Nothing.
Classification of industry: Caduceus means medicine. It is the snake that is on the sword on the ambulance emblem. The software was because it did medical software.
Historical relevance of the direction of the company:

  • The company has been involved in designing a Seed to Store software for Cannabis seeds. It owns and has announced ownership of the domain
  • The company has ambitions to make ERC20 coins but has not done so effectively yet.
  • The company has attempted working with Icon Media and CEN Biotech without success in 2016 and 2018 respectively. No definitive agreement was signed.