Team Members

Richard Tang


Richard is the CEO and President of the Company. He holds a B. Sci computer science. And has certifications for a variety of technologies. He is well versed in the public civil bidding contracts and also consults for private companies on encryption. He sometimes guest lectures on PKI and Linux best practices, and has contacts in hardware, ISP, payment processing, and critical systems. PLC programmer, and low-level program designer.


Anna Tang


Anna is our webmaster and design and photogrpher. She also writes system requirements of software and helps facilitate bookeeping and day to day operations. B. Arts Psychology.




Erwin Valsing


Erwin Vahlsing is our CFO. He is well versed in bookkeeping, accounting and audits for public companies. He is CFO of other public companies too. He is a director.

He also has a successful filing agency called XBRL Associates, which we use for our SEC filings.



Srinivasa Janswamy

srinivasaSrinivasa Janaswamy is a consultant when we have questions relating to OTC and Nasdaq. He guides us on accounting and adding value to shareholders.