VMWare Services

Caduceus Software Systems Corp has a technical team that is skilled in VMWare ESXi installation. configuration, and advanced networking for virtual machines.  The technical team, individually, has done many configurations with Nimble Storage, EMC, Dell powerVault SAN storage, iSCSI attached arrays for redundancy, and fault-tolerance.

We understand the complexity of your physical stack, and know the intricacies and how to avoid pitfalls when configuring your hardware.

We provide VMWare support and advice on a consultancy basis, via webEx or Skype and Email or remote-hands via HP iLO or RDP, GotoMeeting, or VPN access to VNC into your network.

In the spirit of open information and sharing knowledge, we will have a blog dedicated to tips and tricks of VMware ESXi configuration and performance tuning.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries and for quotation for your troubleshooting or installation needs. Thank you.

esxi vsphere

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